Portland Waterfront PSA

A little something I’ve been working on during my waterfront walks during shoulder rehab…I spend a lot of time on the Vera Katz Waterfront Esplanade, and it is a mess. So many of us love this once beautiful recreation area that I hope I can encourage more care for the spaces we share in this city. Shout out to Portland Parks and Recreation for trying their best to keep up with our inner city parks crises.

Taggin’ Ain’t Nuthin’ to be Braggin’ About

CULPRITS (update)

A.K.A. Blood Under the Bridge: I am excited to forward an update with regard to my 2022 Summer/Fall film project courtesy of Director Sasha Santiago & Moonshine Films. You might notice the wonderful editing job. Wish us luck in competition for the grant!

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

I just wanted to pass on the link to the finished Commercial spot in which I was recently involved through Weeble Mountain and Optic Tonic Productions. Sponsored by the Oregon Forest Industries Council, the video highlights an historic agreement of multiple stakeholders (landowners, timber companies, state agencies, environmentalists and more) to preserve Oregon’s forests through improved forest practices and policies. An example of the collaboration possible when people realize mutual interests and very necessary going forward in a time of climate change, urban sprawl, and finite resources. Great video and glad to be involved. https://youtu.be/MxzbJSKnPwI

Anti-Roundup: This Stuff Kills

A little funny I’ve been playing with for the gluten-free environmentalists out there as I’ve been recovering from shoulder surgery:) Having suffered quite a bit myself on this front through the last decade or more, it is an issue near and dear to me. Odd that the proliferation of digestive issues have arisen concurrently with Roundup’s progression through the food chain over the last 40 years in American agriculture. Glysophate in Roundup is a chief culprit destroying beneficial bacteria in the human gut. Bayer says they’ll discontinue by 2023. But after the way they’ve done the bees, I don’t trust ’em:) Call me simple, but I like being able to digest the food I eat.

Anti-Roundup: This Stuff Kills