Heart of Gold & Wintertime thoughts

Feb 28, 2023 Cold grey day, sleet coming down just as remainder of snow from Wednesday’s blizzard melts. I thought I might write about something that hit me hard this morning with an undeniable gratitude. Forgive me if I wander… As I lay in meditation with the Morning Session from KMHD trickling in lightly theContinue reading “Heart of Gold & Wintertime thoughts”

Hell, let’s call him Alias…

5/28/21- Overcast Friday, but balmy. Gratitude for good work done. Dylan thoughts. Alias….anything you please. Reminded by the celebration of his 80th birthday to delve back into my Dylan collection, I am again amazed by the lyrical genius and pathos of this extraordinary storyteller, musician, human being. Though I likely intend to return for aContinue reading “Hell, let’s call him Alias…”