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Theron Wells: Voiceover Resume

Having a good time with the process!

Hello, and thank you for finding me. Raised in Dothan, Alabama, I am naturally proficient with a calm, confident and welcoming Southern Accent. My tone and inflection are balanced by my education and years lived in New Jersey, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon, since 1998. My voice is rich, robust, resonant. I can speak both with a casual ease and also with specificity and sophistication. Think kinda like Matthew McConnaughey: this is what registered with hundreds of customers through the years!

My Voice lends Authenticity to Projects such as:
Tools of the Trade
  • Authentic Southern Branding
  • Food, Drink & Hospitality Swagger
  • Outdoor Recreation & Lifestyle
  • Candid and Curious E-Learning
    • Soothing Wellness Instruction
  • Entertaining How-to videos
  • Trustworthy Investment
  • Credible Testimonials
  • Savvy Technical Narration

Recent Projects:

Anti-Roundup: Commercial Satire

RoundUp: This Stuff Kills!

Body Pulse Therapeutic Massage: Product Review

BodyPulse Therapeutic Muscle Massager

Client Reviews:

“We had an 11 hour time difference which certainly made sincere creative collaboration difficult. But Theron made up for this with excellent communication and consistent delivery. The quality of the recording and performance are outstanding. My only regret is that I could not take Theron up on his offer for more creative collaboration and direction from my side.” Michael Minnie, Director, South Africa.

“Theron was above and beyond with his responsiveness and attention to detail. His voice and intonation were spot-on for the gig he advertises and for what we wanted. We plan to use him again in the future.” Kacey Vaught, Client, Kentucky.

“Great, fast delivery!” Prof. Newk, San Diego, CA.

Project Guidelines:

My Set-Up: A professional home sound studio for efficient high quality recording and editing. An Audio Technica AT-2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface and Sound Studio & Reaper multitrack DAWs. Zoom & Skype live direction connection. Source Connect upon request.

Work Process: Please contact me to discuss a custom quote. I offer 24 hour turnaround for smaller, less technical projects. Larger projects and/or project modifications require independent rate assessment.

Voiceover Guidelines: Clarity and transparency in communications encourage the best possible working scenario. I will tailor my quote to fit your project, but please specify instructions & expectations as plainly as possible. Common questions as follows:

  • When do you require project completion?
  • What is the Market and the Usage for the recording?
  • Do you have a script, will it need revision, is there flexibility with wording?
  • What Direction, i.e. mood, tone, pacing, etc. do you seek for the recording?

Thank you very much for considering me for your Voiceover project.