My Story…so far.

Made in Alabama, but this sign says Home!

A native of Alabama and a recent graduate of Princeton University, I felt the pull of the Redwoods and traveled West in 1995. Gravitating up to Portland from San Francisco in 1998, I attended Northwestern Law of Lewis and Clark with a plan to speak for the trees. Unable to continue with my education due to serious spinal injury, I remained to take advantage of the alternative health community in Portland. I very much appreciate the sanctuary that this city has provided me, and I am thankful to call Portland home for over 20 years.

At one time a nationally ranked swimmer, I experienced a life changing spinal injury in 1997 that ultimately opened up new possibilities for my life as it ended others. Disabled and alone almost 3000 miles away from home, I slowly discovered a vibrant alternative health community and gathered a wealth of physical therapy modalities to aid my recovery. As I re-summoned strength and functionality, I joined a motley crew of folks in Portland’s bars and restaurants, friends that supported me with diversion, fun and a sense of belonging again. As I learned to adapt to my new circumstances, I began to treat my life as its own art project, simplifying priorities and refocusing my life perspectives to support creative pursuit.

Through the years many customers have appreciated the calm, welcoming tone of my voice. Recovering from another spinal setback in 2017, I decided to research Voiceover and to begin training in earnest. In 2018, I took voice lessons, and in 2019, I joined acting classes to broaden my vocal range. I continue to train in Meisner technique simply because its “listen and response” technique is so helpful in so many areas of my life. Having established a professional in-home recording studio in 2020, aka The Well, I am now able to share my life experience, connect with others and collaborate through the voice into which I have grown.

Well Alright, Here We Are.

At Genies Cafe- Erstwhile Home from 2007-2020.

As a career bartender and server from Alabama, I do actually take pride in Southern Hospitality. To some this phrase might be unfamiliar or even suspect, but I made a decision early in life to be an emissary of goodwill from the South. And when I began serving and tending bar out of necessity, I committed myself again to being just that person. Living in chronic pain, I have found it therapeutic to focus upon the needs of others. A genuine care for all enriches the experience we share together. It feels good to be welcomed. I wish to convey that Welcome with my voice.

Nehalem Bay in its sunset glory

When I am not at work, I love swimming, yoga, hiking, live music, dancing, playing piano, cooking, reading and writing. I love things that challenge me intellectually and physically. I love being outside. I love being in the water. I love being in the woods. I love getting dirty, and I love cleaning up for the nighttime!

Swimming Come Back at Alcatraz Challenge 2008!
Swimming Comeback- Alcatraz Challenge 2008!

I am a spinal injury survivor. I have never quit on myself. I don’t quit. I have spent years in chronic pain deliberately acquiring the physical and mental modalities I need to survive and thrive with a fused cervical spine that refuses to stay in alignment. An upside of spinal injury, the experience taught me how to better care for myself at a much earlier age. Moreover, I have much experience with the long view of success, and I know how to persevere through extended challenges.

I speak with a distinctive Southern drawl which to many folks conveys calm, confidence and care. I never lost it through travel, relocation or education, although my Princeton education does allow for a more sophisticated tone. My tone and pacing are made for telling stories, explaining things…if you have the time! I sound like I do simply because I am an authentic human being, for better and worse. As it so happens, I can put it to work for you.

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