Back to School

I wanted to share a project that absorbed me this winter as I enrolled in a Certificate Program for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to begin 2023. As the final project for my introduction to GIS, I created a StoryMap by way of ESRI’s online StoryMap software application. StoryMaps offers a unique visual storytelling format thatContinue reading “Back to School”

Heart of Gold & Wintertime thoughts

Feb 28, 2023 Cold grey day, sleet coming down just as remainder of snow from Wednesday’s blizzard melts. I thought I might write about something that hit me hard this morning with an undeniable gratitude. Forgive me if I wander… As I lay in meditation with the Morning Session from KMHD trickling in lightly theContinue reading “Heart of Gold & Wintertime thoughts”

CULPRITS (update)

A.K.A. Blood Under the Bridge: I am excited to forward an update with regard to my 2022 Summer/Fall film project courtesy of Director Sasha Santiago & Moonshine Films. You might notice the wonderful editing job. Wish us luck in competition for the grant!

Portland Waterfront PSA

A little something I’ve been working on during my waterfront walks during shoulder rehab…I spend a lot of time on the Vera Katz Waterfront Esplanade, and it is a mess. So many of us love this once beautiful recreation area that I hope I can encourage more care for the spaces we share in thisContinue reading “Portland Waterfront PSA”