A Defense of James Harden

(or the allegedly overpaid has been who cost the 76ers the Eastern title:) He needs none. First of all, when I heard the talk on ESPN about the dismal ending of the 76ers/Heat Game 6, I was disappointed that I had missed it live and that I heard any commentary before I could watch itContinue reading “A Defense of James Harden”

Requiem for a Ring

On my way back upcoast from my Brookings reconnaissance, I decided to stop early in the ride in order to ease the subsequent legs of the 5 & 1/2 hour trip back to Portland. With the return of a sore neck and back courtesy of a fold-out bed, noisy campsite neighbors, and then yet anotherContinue reading “Requiem for a Ring”

Fun Gaming Character Audition

Here’s a little something to lighten the Heat Dome mood after my last submission. Although I have no Demo Reel for animation/gaming characters as of yet, I am enjoying the release, vocal growth and sheer fun of these sort of auditions. I grew up imitating cartoon voices as I rested in between double workouts forContinue reading “Fun Gaming Character Audition”

Nomadland Thoughts

5/24/2021- Cloudy, Misty Monday & I welcome the Rain. As I finished reading Nomadland by Jessica Bruder last night, encouraged to hasten my reading pace by notice of an ending Libby loan, a few things came to mind from my past and also with regard to my future. Concerned as she is with the modernContinue reading “Nomadland Thoughts”

I don’t want to go back to Normal

Work in Progress…Lately I hear a number of people bemoaning the lack of regularity, the upset of the habitual patterns of behavior that many have come to embrace, the comfort attached to a stasis upon which they may rely. I think that if nothing else, events of the last week and the focus of theContinue reading “I don’t want to go back to Normal”