BodyPulse Therapeutic Massager

Below is a massager I acquired while recovering from shoulder surgery. I liked the product so much that I composed and then recorded a product review in a new audio editing software that I am learning. Hope you like the script and recording!

For under $75, the BodyPulse therapeutic muscle massage gun is an easy and wise decision for anyone looking for quality home massage on a professional level.

Either as a quality 1st purchase OR
…for the clever shopper who wants efficient power and design without luxury brand cost, I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed.

The BodyPulse design sports an LCD screen that monitors battery charge and 6 quiet motor speeds, a 3 hour battery, and 14mm amplitude… to get deep into those tissues!

Only slightly larger than your typical gun handled design and far more versatile, it still weighs in at about 2.5 pounds… & gives you expanded access to shoulders and back the others can’t!

Modeled after an industry leader’s design BUT at ¼ the price, the BodyPulse offers BOTH casual user and competitive athlete a quality recovery option that can accelerate healing by over 50%!

Do yourself a favor, and Pick up a BodyPulse massager today. Your neck and back, and in fact most of your body, will thank you.

BodyPulse Therapeutic Massager

Published by Theron W. Wells III

Voiceover Artist and Actor. Southern Drawl and Infectious Grin. Portland, Oregon.

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