Must Have Heard Me

Funny, after my complaint about poor content, one V.O. Website must have been listening! I found and recorded some humorous copy right in my wheelhouse just this morning…And again, the website pulled the audition hours earlier than listed. I find this a frequent and very frustrating occurrence. While I pay a premium for SEO and auditions, I am punished by a nameless, relentless algorithm! I’m inevitably the last to receive the invitation and often find myself shoring up great copy to find that the V.O. website has decided to close the audition far earlier than listed. Must be some hurry to get that copy out that can’t wait for a few more submissions! My experience with entertainment work timetables indicates otherwise. Hurry up and Wait, Eh?! Anyway, having witnessed a lamentably noticeable shift in attention/distraction/proliferation of misinformation clearly through my 20+ year restaurant and bar service, and especially in light of the recent political landscape, I had fun with this announcer style ad. Enjoy!

Social Media Spoof for Kids TV

Published by Theron W. Wells III

Voiceover Artist and Actor. Southern Drawl and Infectious Grin. Portland, Oregon.

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